Hi, I’m Cat.

Originally, this blog was called Class Meets Couture. I published my first post on December 8, 2014, and for two years I poured my heart into Class Meets Couture. But, I always struggled with maintaining a “fashion blog” while trying to remain true to myself (you can read more about that here in this post). In March 2017, I decided that I’ve had enough.

Welcome to Cat Galletti, a self-titled creative space. This blog is dedicated to sharing all that inspires me: beautiful photography, travel adventures, and introspective writing. My goal is to serve as an authentic voice in today’s digital and social world.

Now for a little more about me. I was born in Atlanta, grew up in Orlando, went to college at the University of Notre Dame (where I swam), and now I’m back living in Atlanta. I love nothing more than laying on the couch on a Saturday night with a book and a blanket. I’m very introverted, but most people would assume the opposite. I have a huge sweet tooth: ice cream, brownies, cookies…anything. I could be called a perfectionist, but I’m really just striving to be the best I can be with anything I pursue.

Feel free to email me at cat.galletti@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or collaboration opportunities.