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Paris Engagement Photos | Katie Mitchell Photography | Zadig et Voltaire

Paris Engagement Photos

Notice anything different around here? Let’s see, we have a new (old) site design, a reorganized header section, a new about me page (my favorite yet!), and…a new site name! Yes, I’ve switched from Class Meets Couture to having a self-titled blog. With such a huge shift in branding over the past few weeks, I figured renaming the site would […]
Chambray Shirt with Black Vest | Class Meets Couture

We’re Engaged!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the radio silence over the past few days here on the blog. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that over the weekend I got ENGAGED!
The Year of Self-Care | Class Meets Couture

The Year of Self-Care

I recently read Chris Guillebeau’s book The Happiness of Pursuit (highly recommended for anyone looking to add some purpose into their lives). In the book, Guillebeau shares a story about a man who summarized each year of his life as “The Year of …” when he was creating goals for the new year. He had the “Year of […]
Paris Stripe Top

On Missing Paris

  Remember when I was supposed to to Paris? The decision to forego my trip still haunts me.  
Wayf Ruffle Dress | Class Meets Couture

What Every Entrepreneur Hates to Admit

I’m not really sure how to start this topic, so I’ll just get into it. If you’ve checked out my site at all in the past week, you should have noticed that there hasn’t been any new posts. If you looked closely, you may have noticed that I’ve been fiddling around with my navigation bar, […]
Stripe Joie Tee

Finding Personal Style Inspiration

  Last weekend, I mentioned that my plans were to read on the beach and watch some college football. I did go down to the beach and read as planned. But I skipped out on most of the college football. Why is that? Bc I was inspired by the book I was reading, and once that dam is […]

On Body Image

  Disclaimer: this isn’t your typical body image post where I share a touching story of my struggle with body image and how I overcame those struggles.

Blogging Absence Explained

Besides a few Snapchats and Instagrams, you may have noticed that there hasn’t been any new content on Class Meets Couture. I know what you may be thinking. Is this girl for real? Did she give up on blogging? Is this just some random hobby of hers? Should I still follow her?
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