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Paris Engagement Photos | Katie Mitchell Photography | Zadig et Voltaire

Paris Engagement Photos

Notice anything different around here? Let’s see, we have a new (old) site design, a reorganized header section, a new about me page (my favorite yet!), and…a new site name! Yes, I’ve switched from Class Meets Couture to having a self-titled blog. With such a huge shift in branding over the past few weeks, I figured renaming the site would […]
ASOS Pinafore Dress in Paris | Class Meets Couture

Pinafore Dress in Paris

Originally I was going to share another Paris vlog today, but I randomly came down with something yesterday and didn’t have the energy to finish it up (read: I was at PR event for the blog, blacked out, and had flu-like for the rest of the day).

Paris Photo Diary: Days 4-5

  Going through my photos from Paris just makes me so happy. Not many people realize this, but photography is one of my biggest passions.
Paris Stripe Top

On Missing Paris

  Remember when I was supposed to to Paris? The decision to forego my trip still haunts me.  
Bastille Day

Why I am Not Afraid to Travel the World in 2016

Although I’ve mentioned it in passing here on the blog (and will delve into more detail at a later point in time), I am going to be living in Paris this fall for three months. Not only that, but I do plan on travelling to various countries that often fall below the radar when it […]
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