On Trying Something New

On Trying Something New | Class Meets Couture

Normally I’m not one to post paragraph-long captions on Instagram. That’s what my blog is for! But a few weeks ago, I was feeling rather inspired. I had a lot on my mind, and I wanted to share it with the Instagram community.

But, I was proud of this little caption of mine. I decided to share it here on the blog for everyone to read (or read again). Enjoy!

“I’ve been in an awesome groove lately with my physical health. I’m working out at least once a day, I’m eating clean foods, and I’m wearing my @fitbit as a reminder to stay focused on my health goals.

I’ve always been good at working out. I swam competitively from age 12-21, and I’ve been lifting since I was 14. I know how to push myself physically, and I know how to will myself to do more. I’m good with exercises that involve brute force. Swim faster. Lift heavier.

I’m obsessed with my gym because they offer a wide variety of classes for members taught by highly-qualified instructors (thank you @midtownathleticclubs). Think yoga, barre, Pilates, group lifting, group cardio, etc.

Today I took a class called “Dance Mix.” It was truly unlike anything I have ever done before. There I was, in the dance studio at my gym, trying to follow along to the instructor’s choreographed moves in a room with 15 other people, feeling out of place for the first time in my life in a fitness class. I’m supposed to be athletic. I’m supposed to be strong.

After I got over my embarrassment of being inexperienced, I started to actually watch myself in the mirror as I danced. Well, it probably didn’t look like dancing to any strangers walking by, but I was dancing. I was stepping out of my comfort zone, letting go of perfectionism and allowed myself to simply enjoy the experience of trying something new rather then creating self-imposed standards of “good” and “not good enough.”

Personal health and physical fitness is a JOURNEY. It’s not a daily evaluation of how perfect you are. It’s all about the experiences you welcome, the progress you make, and the failures you overcome.”

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