Year of Self-Care Updates


Year of Self-Care Updates | Class Meets Couture

In case you don’t remember, I’ve been calling 2017 my Year of Self-Care. I figured with it being two months into 2017, now would be a good time to look back at those New Year’s resolutions I set on January 1.



Read one book per month

Put away electronics 30 minutes before bed


Complete the Whole30 three times

Take the stairs whenever possible

Do at least one round of BBG


Practice yoga every day of the year

Smile anytime I look at myself in the mirror

My first thought looking at this list is, “Wow, I didn’t do anything I said I was going to do.” But don’t New Year’s resolutions always feel like that? A long, lofty list of goals that never get accomplished?

Well, this is exactly why I wanted to create a theme for this year. I wanted to create something dynamic that would follow me through the entire year. I didn’t want to box myself in to a list of goals that may not be relevant several months down the line.

Here’s my progress so far:

  • Read one book per month: I have done absolutely terrible on this one. I’m a workaholic, and I haven’t given myself the chance to sit down and just enjoy a book. This goal is moving to #1 priority.
  • Put away electronics 30 minutes before bed: This also has been a goal I’ve completely neglected. Back to the whole workaholic thing, I’m usually working from when I wake up to when I go to sleep. The only time I’m not working is when I’m working out. Also moving this goal up in priority.
  • Complete the Whole30 three times: I would say I’m doing pretty well with this goal. I started off January with the Whole30. And while I did stop halfway through, I still learned so much from 14 Days of the Whole30.
  • Take the stairs whenever possible: Another success. I don’t remember the last time I’ve been in an elevator. But, I will admit this goal is fairly easy considering I live on the first floor in my apartment complex.
  • Do at least one round of BBG: I was doing BBG consistently up until my trip to Paris. And while I had every intention of continuing BBG while in Paris, I ultimately didn’t want to pack workout clothes and shoes on my trip. Since coming back from Paris, I’ve thrown myself into my gym’s workout classes and BBG has taken a backseat. I’m planning on eventually doing a round of BBG so I can give a fair review of the program from the perspective of someone who is already in-shape. But honestly, I’m in the best shape of my life right now (even better than when I was swimming) by doing 10+ classes a week. For me, the variety in my exercise routine is what’s really driving results. I’m talking barre, group lifting, pilates, yoga, dance, and cardio step classes (they’re killer!).
  • Practice yoga every day of the year: This goal took me until February to make a habit. When it comes to yoga, I struggle to do 60-minute sessions on my own, every day of the week. The trick that works for me is mixing up at-home sessions with studio classes. I’m now in a solid routine where I hop on my mat almost every day.
  • Smile anytime I look at myself in the mirror: Check! This goal to me is all about body confidence, and I am happy to say that I have been succeeding in this category.

Going through these goals, I’m starting to notice a major trend in my habits. I’m seeing that I like to have structure to my days. My workout routine has been so successful because I’m attending classes with set times. Every Sunday, I get to sit down with my planner and select classes to add to my busy schedule. Basically, I just love being able to write things down in my planner and cross them off.

So now that I know that, I can implement this strategy to help me with my other goals. I can try adding time blocks like “Read for 30+ minutes” into my calendar.

This is the whole point of progress checks! To see what things you’re doing well, what things you’re doing not so well, and making changes!

How are you doing so far on your New Year’s resolutions?


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