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Princess Styled Shoot at the Parterre | Greenville, GA

As a photographer, I see a styled shoot as an opportunity to push my creative limits in a controlled environment. I’m able to have my time with the model, really delving into the concept and story behind a shoot. Plus, I get an opportunity to shoot something I wouldn’t normally shoot, which is always good for creativities sake!
Shooting a princess was the perfect opportunity to play with creating a story behind the photos. You see, a wedding is an easy story to shoot. I’m capturing the joy of two people who love each other, promising to be each other’s best friend for eternity. But a princess? Definitely outside of the norm!
We decided that she was Cinderella with her blue gown and blonde hair, and we placed her into the story “Into the Woods.” Not going to lie, I was singing tunes from the movie/musical the whole time!
Throughout the shoot, I gravitated towards capturing stunning portraits and dramatic landscapes. I wanted to capture the beauty of this princess and the detail of her intricate hair and makeup with some portraits, and I also was playing with my new 85mm lens! I attribute the amount of landscape photography to my background in nature/landscape photography. I enjoyed placing Cinderella in pockets of open wood, imagining her wandering throughout the forest with her chorus of songbirds accompanying her.
Venue & Decor: The Parterre
 Gown: Bekah Bea
 Hair Accessories: Hair Comes the Bride